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The Responsibility Creed

of Renaissance Wealth Management Group of Texas (aka RWMGTX)

For All NFLPA Clients

As your advisor, our goal is to……

  • Always act in the best interest of our clients. Suitability and Risk Management are our priorities. High returns on investments or out-performing indexes are never our priority.
  • Manage as cost effectively as possible. Where applicable, accounts are opened on a management for fee basis. Brokerage accounts are opened only on a case by case basis when commissionable transactions are in the best interest of the client. Some investments can only be offered on a commission basis. All assets are in the custody of LPL Financial or by their direction held directly at the investment company where the investment is offered, but never at RWMGTX.
  • Disclose all fees, conflicts of interest, and compensation before conducting any business. ADV Disclosures required by law are provided to every fee based client. All proposals are conducted on an hourly fee basis. Where possible, commission that may be paid on your behalf by any company is taken over time, never up front. This is to discourage the “lazy advisor” syndrome.
  • Fly to your home of record or choice of destination within the 50 US States and Puerto Rico to conduct a semi-annual review at no additional cost to you.
  • Consider the client’s entire financial picture before investing in any financial products. In order to help provide solutions to problems clients may not even know they have, we provide a holistic approach to financial management which may include the referral of other financial professionals such as insurance specialists, attorneys and certified public accountants. All of these professionals must be NFLPA Registered. In-depth analysis also requires all potential clients to be honest, truthful and forth-coming with information that will help them attain their financial goals.
  • Keep all information confidential and private. None of your information is ever shared with anyone outside of this firm without your consent. Information shared with LPL Financial or any investment agency utilized by RWMGTX is on a need to know basis.
  • Keep all certifications up to date. All certifications held, will be renewed and all continuing education for any designations as required by FINRA, State Insurance Commissions, LPL Financial, NFLPA Training and The College for Financial Planning will be taken within the time allotted. Exceptions to this will include designations that are outdated or no longer needed to conduct business.
  • Always custom tailor advice to fit your needs. No two investors are alike and all investment plans are different.
  • Only present registered investments to you. All investments will be fully registered by either the SEC, by FINRA, or by a State Insurance Commission. All securities offered through LPL Financial have been fully vetted by a team of research experts in that product or security and will not be cleared for offer to a client until that process has been completed. However, not all products vetted by LPL Financial and cleared for offer may be suitable for all clients.
  • Maintain liquid assets for income, emergencies, and unforeseen events that may happen in your life in the future. Our process is to think ahead for any problem that may come up that will cost you money and invest appropriately for those events.
  • Be available and listen to you. We will provide personal cell phone numbers as well as direct extension office numbers to all players and will return phone calls within 24 hours. We will also always take an interest in what you do, who you are, and the achievements you accomplish.
  • Terminate any client who willfully misleads any advisor or who routinely fails to follow advice that could jeopardize their financial future. This includes but is not limited to extraordinary spending that will deplete your account more quickly than your career will last. It is our job at RWMGTX to do everything we can to keep you financially stable. If you routinely defy the financial advice you are paying for, we may not be able to keep your money from being prematurely exhausted before the end of your career regardless of return on investments.
  • Never be a bill payer other than setting up automatic payments for a recurring bill such as a mortgage or insurance purchase. This process is done by your signature only. Seek counsel from a personal accountant if this is the service you seek.
  • NEVER EVER PAY FOR ANY REFERRAL FROM ANY SPORTS AGENT, ACCOUNTANT, RELATIVE, OR ATTORNEY. This is highly illegal in our industry unless that person is a registered investment representative and this process is also regulated by broker dealers. LPL Financial will only allow us to share compensation with other LPL Financial Representatives.
  • Give your sport the attention it deserves. We are football fans in that we enjoy The Game but aren’t experts in The Game. Your job is to be an expert in football and surround yourselves with experts in their field. Some of those must be football experts, others do not need that expertise. It IS NOT our job to be experts of The Game; it IS our job to be experts in financial matters pertaining to you.